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Join Jay for a comprehensive online info session that will address international travel concerns and procedures.

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April 23-30
June 10-17
July 10-17
August 10-17
October 1-8
November 2-9

Experience the Real Africa - Visit Ghana

The Gateway To Africa Experience - Ghana

Who is this trip for? 

  • Anyone looking to expand their perspectives about different cultures
  • Those who want visit the continent of Africa! 
  • Anyone interested in learning about the history prior to slavery first hand
  • Anyone who enjoys collecting authentic African art  
  • Anyone who enjoys different cuisines
  • Anyone who enjoys meeting new people
  • Anyone wanting to learn about their DNA roots in Ghana, Benin or Togo 
  • Those who want an experience of a lifetime!

Why Africa? 

With the recent popularity of home DNA testing kits, many are looking to discover their African roots. This is particularly of interest to many who are a part of the African diaspora because of history of the transatlantic slave trade. Traveling to these destinations could offer insight into the history, culture and traditions that existed in their family prior to slavery.  

Unfortunately after receiving the test results, many are clueless about the next steps in traveling to the African destinations revealed in their DNA. This is where Maximum Impact Travel can assist by taking the guess work out of the process. We have created tours designed to connect the African diaspora to the continent of Africa and other diaspora relevant destinations around the world.  Let's us walk you step-by-step through the process. 
Real Smiles - Real Testimonials
Thoughts From The Gateway Experience
Are you ready to experience moments that will last a lifetime? 
Are you ready to see first hand how you can be a part of Africa's growing economic opportunities? 
Ghana is rapidly becoming the cultural, historical and business destination in West Africa. Complete with entertainment, dining and shopping options, Accra, Ghana welcomes the world to its shores.  
With the recent attention of "The Year of Return" initiative and the annual Afrochella festival, Ghana welcomed a record number of guests to its many attractions. Celebrities, athletes and entertainers flocked to Ghana to experience the rich culture, history and charm of the Ghanaian people. 
Ghana is also referred to as the "Gateway to Africa" because of history of the African diaspora by way of the transatlantic slave trade. You will experience the slave dungeons, slave river and much more. You will also learn the history before the transatlantic slave trade that is not being taught in most western schools and communities. 
In addition to the culture, history and charm of Ghana, the country also has a strong economic sector that welcomes investors from the African diaspora. As a part of our tours, we will discuss the business opportunities available for those interested in investing in Ghana and the continent of Africa. 
Enjoy the Ghanaian culture in multiple cities while staying in nice accommodations. Experience village life, get a taste of the night life, shop in the local markets and malls, visit historic landmarks, relax on the beach and much more. The Gateway To Africa Experience - Ghana is one that is sure to enlighten, educate and transform you. 

The Awakening Experience - Benin & Togo
 (optional extension) 

(this tour is additional & must be purchased with Ghana tour when available)

Benin & Togo offer a deeper look into history and how colonization has impacted the global African (Hebrew) community. Prepare yourself to learn about culture and history that can only be appreciated in person. 


1. Hotel with Breakfast
2. Transportation 
3. Admission to all sites


Gateway To Africa Experiences In 2021
Plan Yours Now!

The Gateway Experience Ghana

April 23-30
June 10-17
July 10-17
August 10-17
October 1-8
November 2-9

Meet The Host


As featured on 

With a multi-faceted career that has spanned nearly 30 years, Jay Cameron’s expertise as an entrepreneur, world traveler, speaker, playwright, community leader and philanthropist is unparalleled. Jay's ventures have been featured in media publications and news outlets nationwide.

As a traveler, Jay's interest shifted to African diaspora travel after a life-changing trip to Ghana. His experience opened the door to more exploration on the continent of Africa. Theses adventures led him to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and a Serengeti safari in Tanzania. Jay has also traveled to Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Togo, Benin and Salvador, Bahia in Brazil. 

As a result of Jay's experiences, the Maximum Impact Travel movement was launched with an emphasis on African diaspora travels around the globe. Jay desires to introduce as many people as possible to the inspiring cultures, powerful history, profound education and wonderful people he encountered on his journeys. His passion and energy for African diaspora travel is evident the moment he shares one of his many experiences. 

The Maximum Impact African diaspora travel experiences have been designed to be much more than a basic tour. They have been designed to be life-changing events that create memories that last generations.

Be sure to join Jay on one of the upcoming Ghana trips. 

African Adventures

with Jay Cameron

Here are some of our satisfied guests
What an amazing and eye opening experience! Ghana has a lot to offer culturally and historically. You will definitely see that it's nothing like we're conditioned to "think" of Africa. Our tour group was awesome and I plan to return with my family in the near future. I highly recommend Maximum Impact. Thank you Jay for this amazing experience!
Temika M. - Jacksonville, FL
This trip was flat out awesome! Jay was phenomenal as the host for this trip and the tour guide, Nana was very hands on and personable. The group was fantastic - 30 people! I plan on keeping in touch with them. This is going to be something that I will remember for the rest of my life.
Jerome C. - Phoenix, AZ
I had a wonderful time. The history and the warmth of the people was outstanding. I thoroughly enjoyed touring the country and visiting both the rural and urban areas. I look forward to returning for another visit.
Marc E. - Baltimore, MD

The Gateway Experience - Ghana Itinerary

Day One

Arrival Day at Host Hotel
Golden Tulip Accra (or comparable hotel) 
Free breakfast & WiFi Included

You will receive shuttle service to the hotel from (ACC) Kokota International Airport -- relax for a while -- visit Accra Mall, get a bite to eat and drink -- Meet and greet your tour group. This day will not consist of any tours but will allow time for everyone to arrive and rest from the flight.

Day One - Evening

Evening Life
For those who are interested in seeing some of the Ghanaian nightlife, there are several options available near the hotel. A short taxi or Uber ride can take you to the once of the local lounges or restaurants. Each group will have a recommended location to visit on evening one. 

Day Two

Historic Accra
  • Tour the surrounding area 
  • ​Visit authentic local markets
  • ​Cultural drumming lessons
  • ​Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Museum and Burial Site
  • ​Black Star National Square
  • ​Independence Arch
  • ​WEB Dubois Pan African Museum
  • ​Local restaurant

Day Three - Travel To Kumasi, Ghana

  • Travel time: 30 minute flight (day trip with no overnight stay in Kumasi) or bus trip approximately four hours (depending on traffic)
  • Mode of transportation: Domestic flight OR Based on group size, a van, cruiser bus or coach bus will be the mode of transportation.
  • ​Hotel Accommodations: Day trip with round trip flight from Kumasi does not require hotel. If traveling by bus or car, you will stay overnight at the Golden Tulip or Golden Bean Kumasi (or comparable) - Free breakfast & WiFi Included 

Day Three

Kumasi, Ghana
  • ​Okomfo Anokye Sword Museum
  • ​Manhyia Palace
  • ​Local cuisine

Day Three

Asante Naming Ceremony
  • ​Kente Weaving
  • ​Cocoa Tour
  • ​Adinkra Stamps Printing 
  • ​Asante Naming Ceremony (for those interested) -- the elders will need the day of your birth. You will be given a Soul Name which is the day of the week you were born and a Spirit name which is your character. It is customary to wear white -- but not mandatory. 
  • ​Local cuisine

Day Four or Five (based on tour) - Travel To Cape Coast, Ghana

  • Travel time: Approximately four hours (depending on traffic)
  • Mode of transportation: Based on group size, a van, cruiser bus or coach bus will be the mode of transportation.
  • ​Hotel Accommodations: Coconut Grove Hotel - Free breakfast & WiFi Included 

Day Four or Five (based on tour)

Donkor Nsuo (Slave River) at Assin Manso
  • Donkor Nsuo (Slave River) at Assin Manso.. You may want to roll up your pants legs or wear shorts if you get in the river. This is where the African captives were allowed to bathe before the three week trek to the slave dungeons through the forest and rough terrain while being bound in chains and naked from head to toe. 
  • ​Check in to Coconut Grove Beach Hotel and enjoy the tranquility of the beach after the emotions of Slave River. Dine, ride the horses, get a refreshing beverage, play pool, shop at the gift store or get a coconut Ghanaian style. 

Day Five or Six (based on tour)

Cape Coast Slave Dungeon
  • Ghana is one of the few places that still has standing slave dungeons from the transatlantic slave trade. This is a must see for anyone visiting the continent of Africa. 
  • ​Visit the Cape Coast Slave Dungeon for a historic tour of the enslaved captives grueling accounts in the dark dungeons before exiting the "Door Of No Return" for the Americas. 
  • ​Return to Coconut Grove for meditation, rest and relaxation. 
Here are some of our satisfied guests
This trip was better than I could have ever expected, being 20 years old and to see something like this I was truly amazed. I encourage everyone to take this trip at least once to get the experience for yourself. My entire mindset has changed thanks to this tour. Looking forward to being on many more in the near future.
Eric C. - Washington, DC
This experience hands down has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had outside of birthing my children. The knowledge and understanding of what our ancestors went though made any history books they have in school not worth ever looking at. I encourage any and everyone to put this on their bucket list. It’s truly an eye opener.
Tamika M. - Washington, DC
I had a wonderful time. Ghana is an amazing place to visit. The history there is breath taking. This trip was an eye-opener for me. Do not believe what you here about Ghana, go see for you self.
Dorothy B. - Washington, DC

Day Five or Six (based on tour)

Kakum Canopy Park & Elmina Slave Dungeon (optional)
  • Head to Kakum National Park in Central Ghana, climb the mountain and traverse across the seven swinging canopy bridges. For the faint of heart -- don't worry -- there is an outdoor lounge just for you.
  •  For those interested in learning more about the unique stories of the slave dungeons, there will be an optional visit to the Elmina Slave dungeon. Elmina Slave dungeon has a unique

Day Five or Six (based on tour)

Elmina Slave Dungeon (optional)
  • For those interested in learning more about the unique stories of the slave dungeons, there will be an optional visit to the Elmina slave dungeon. Elmina Slave dungeon has a unique history that differs from the Cape Coast slave dungeon.

Day Seven - Return To Accra

  • Travel time: Approximately three hours (depending on traffic)
  • Mode of transportation: Based on group size, a van, cruiser bus or coach bus will be the mode of transportation.
  • ​Hotel Accommodations: Golden Tulip Accra (or comparable) - Free breakfast & WiFi Included 

Day Seven

Aburi Botanitcal Gardens
  • After returning from Cape Coast, visit the Aburi Botanitcal Gardens

Day Eight

Departure Day
  • ​Prepare to depart for home after this your life-changing adventure in Ghana
  • ​If you are continuing with the Benin & Togo tour, you will meet in the evening to prepare for the next phase of the trip. 

Trips may be modified based on weather or traffic conditions

Check Out These Video Testimonials

Why did these parents take their eleven year old son to Ghana with Maximum Impact? 
Brandy, Monica and Marcus' Story
Sherron's Story - Real Testimonials
Thoughts From The Gateway Experience
Dottie shares how she overcame her fear of long flights and is returning to Ghana with Maximum Impact for a second time! 
Gina shares her powerful story about how Ghana impacted her life and why others should visit for themselves. 
Mr. Doctor shares his thought about being retired and being able to visit Ghana.

The Awakening Experience - Benin & Togo (optional extension) 

(this tour is additional & must be purchased with Ghana tour)

Benin & Togo offer a deeper look into history and how colonization has impacted the global African (Hebrew) community. Prepare yourself to learn about culture and history that can only be appreciated in person. 


Day One
City- Lome. Togo 
Hotel - Onomo

Sites- Independence Monument, National Museum, Fetish Market
Day Two
City - Quidah, Benin
Hotel - Casa Del Papa 
Sites - Grand Popo, Architectural Monuments, Enslaved Market, Tree of Forgetfulness, House of the Enslaved, Cemetery of the Enslaved, Tree of Return, Door of No Return
Day Three

City - Quidah, Benin
Hotel - Casa Del Papa 
Sites - Temple of Pythons, Museum of History, Sacred Forest, Stilt Village
Day Four

City - Quidah, Benin
City - Return To Accra, Ghana 
Golden Tulip Hotel (or comparable)
Day Five
Departure From Ghana
Transportation To All Destinations 
All Site Entrance Fees
All Taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is HIGHLY recommended. 

Life is unexpected. Things happen and sometimes trips needs to be cancelled or rescheduled. Sometimes you get sick on a trip and need medical care. Some countries require immediate payment for medical services before being released. Someone back home gets sicks and you need to get home. Travel insurance helps protect you from losses you might incur. All payments are non-refundable.

Please note: In some situations (i.e. pre-existing medical conditions) you need to buy your travel insurance within a certain amount of time after you purchase your trip. We do not sell travel insurance but have recommended a possible vendors. or are vendors where you can compare pricing. 

How can I obtain a US Passport?

DOCUMENTATION: U.S. citizens traveling to any destination outside of the United States will be required to present a valid U.S. passport. Passports must be valid for 6 months past the return date. Some countries require a visa for transit or entry. Passengers are responsible to ensure that they have all the proper documents for entry. All names on documents must match the legal name on your photo I.D., and travel document information must match tickets. Please check the State Department website at for further information. Immunizations may also be required. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in denied boarding, denied entry, and/or government imposed fines. If you are a citizen of another country, there may be additional requirements. Check with the nearest consulate or embassy of the destination you are traveling to and find out the entry requirements for non-U.S. citizens.

The United States Postal Service can assist with obtaining your passport. There are several other options. is a recommended service provider.

How do I find out about visa requirements?

Vaccinations: The country you're traveling to may require proof of vaccinations. Without proper vaccinations, you may be denied entry in the country. We recommend visiting to find information on health notices and recommended/required vaccinations for the countries you'll be visiting. 
Quick Reference VISA Requirements
1. Ghana - YES
2. Togo - YES
3. Benin - YES
4. Tanzania - YES 
5. Ethiopia - YES
6. Dubai - NO (US Passport Only) If traveling from a different country, refer to the Dubai embassy to find out if your country requires a VISA to enter Dubai. 
7. Brazil - NO (US Passport Only) If traveling from a different country, refer to the Brazilian embassy to find out if your country requires a VISA to enter Brazil.

Where can I purchase the recommended travel items?
Links are to

Travel Belt (Passport and Money) - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
Purell Hand Sanitizer - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
Portable External USB Charger - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
Repel Insect Repellant (40% Deet) - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
Pepto Bismol Caplets - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE 

Can I use points to purchase my airfare?

If you would like to use points for your airfare, you are advised to handle this directly with the airline or the points issuing company.

Can children travel to Africa?

Absolutely. We encourage youth to visit Africa. Here are some important details to note. 
Children Traveling with One Parent, or Someone Who is Not a Parent/Legal Guardian, or Children Traveling in a Group: Foreign border officials may require custody documents or written consent from the other parent/both parents. While the requirements may vary by country, here's an example of what the US requires.

Can I use American currency in the countries featured on the tours?

Some places will accept the U.S. dollar or other foreign currencies, while others prefer the local currency. Be prepared to exchange your currency to the local currency to ensure that you do not have any issues.

How much spending money should I bring?

This is up to each guest. We suggest no less than $300 USD

How much should I tip?

Tipping is strongly encouraged on our tours. Many of the people who are serving us rely on tips to supplement their income. 
It is customary to give 15% as a standard tipping amount.

What should I wear?

Comfortable summer clothing is advised for our subsaharan African, South American and Dubai tours. Wearing flashy jewelry, expensive clothing and accessories is not advised.

Is the water safe to drink?

Our base accommodations are 3 and 4 star hotels. Our platinum tours have 5 star hotel options. They all have potable water to bathe and brush teeth with. We do not advise drinking non-bottled water from restaurants outside of the hotels. Additionally, we do not recommend eating fresh fruits from street vendors.

How large are the tour groups?

Tour sizes vary and can range from 2 people to 40 people. Our maximum tour size for a non-custom tour is 40 people.

Does the food taste the same as American food?

Some food items taste the same while other food items taste very different. 

Can the prices change? 

Once you secure your space, your price is locked in. Until your space is secured, prices can change due to hotel and airlines changing their rates as demand increases.

Why are there no refunds? 

Once a trip is booked, non-refundable deposits are required with our vendors to hold your space. Additionally, there are administrative costs associated with securing a space. Obtaining the proper trip insurance can assist in the event of needing to cancel. We do not sell trip insurance and only suggest vendors we have used in the past. 

What are some other recommended items ?

  • A travel iron 
  • A hand fan 
  • A handkerchief 
  • Extra wash cloths 
  • Preferred bathing soaps and lotions 
  • Bring a bathing suit! 

What does "Leave America In America"mean?

  • For those who are new to international travel, visiting new cultures can be a “culture shock” if they are not prepared for the differences. The bottom line is that things will be different in any foreign country and measuring them next to America could leave someone disappointed. 
  • At Maximum Impact Travel, we place a heavy emphasis on preparing our groups for the cultural differences they might encounter so their trip will be most enjoyable. 
  • From East Coast time, there is a FIVE hour time difference in Ghana, a SEVEN hour time difference in East Africa and a THREE hour time difference in Salvador, Brazil. Dubai can be either an EIGHT or NINE hour time difference based in the time of year. We encourage getting adequate rest prior to the trip. We do not recommend depriving yourself of rest because you may not be able to make it up during the flight. 
  • Food is oftentimes made to order vs microwaved. Guests are advised to “pack their patience” as many of these countries are not microwave societies. You can expect to wait 30 to 45 min for food at most non-buffet restaurants. 
  • Traffic can be very heavy at times and can be more intense than some of the worst traffic in America. This is a part of the daily routine for many countries outside of America. “Pack your patience” and enjoy observing the culture. 
  • The roads can be very bumpy at times. This is a part of the culture as these countries are improving their infrastructure daily. 
  • For the most part, WiFi and 3G service is good. Be prepared for the occasional lapses in service during travel from one location to another. There may be times where the WiFi does not work properly in the hotels. Additionally, be careful to turn OFF your cellular service to avoid unwanted roaming fees. 
  • Be prepared for a very firm mattress at some hotels. 
  • Irons and ironing boards do not automatically come standard with each room but are available upon request from the front desk at most hotels. 
  • Uber and Taxi (in Ghana only) options are local currency cash based. You can use your Uber app but will need to switch it to cash mode. Taxi only accepts Ghanaian currency. Use these services at your own risk. 
  • Currency exchange - Upon arrival, you will need to convert your US dollars to the local currency. There are numerous currency exchange kiosks available. If you are new to currency exchange, it will be important to prepare for the difference so that you can tip properly. 
  • For example, if 1$ USD = $5GHC (Ghanaian Cedis), understanding the difference will be key when purchasing and tipping. A $2.00 USD tip would be $10 GHC. If a $2.00 GHC tip is given, that would only amount to .40 cents in USD. Knowing this will help with any sticker shock that might occur should someone ask $10.00 GHS for a beverage. The actual cost is $2.00 USD
  • Street vendors can be persistent at some of the locations. Simply tell them “No thank you” when they ask. They will ask again. This is when you should stand firm and say “No, thank you” again or until they stop. They are not threatening. They are trying to earn a living. 
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